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Aren’t Asians All Alike?

Presentation and discussion about theAsian American Experience

90 min session

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This presentation and discussion was in the works before covid and now it is topline relevant. Unfortunately/Fortunately it is at the forefront, however, it is a topic that we are seeing, but still do not talk about. Now it is imperative to address Anti-Asian hate crimes because it is life threatening. In the process we will talk about the breadth of diversity of Asia. Originally, this program was geared at large corporations to produce better outputs by creating psychological safety in order to get more participation from everyone. However with all of the attacks on Asians, the priority is on preserving lives first. We will explore the current Anti-Asian hate crimes and dissect it and learn about the culture.

As an Asian 4th generation Japanese, 3rd generation Chinese and 3rd generation Swedish American, I am fascinated with what I learn about the Asian Americans in Seattle. As I interview many Asian Americans growing up here, you too will find in compelling.

When we all decide that it is important to see someone else’s perspective, we can solve this deep hate problem.

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Anti-Asian Hate Crisis #StopAsianHate

How you can help